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Wild Animal

I love to dance.  The sensual beats and wild costumes are so much fun.  This green outfit is a great one to dance in because it moves with my body as I snake through the dance floor.  I decided to show you some of my favorite moves, both on the dance floor and in more private settings.  Watch me strip out of my dance outfit and show off my wild, animal print undies.  Dancing tends to bring out my wild side, so I didn’t stop at taking the outfit off.  Don’t you want to see what kind of trouble I got into?  Head over to Felicity Fey to check it out.

Fluffy bed and pink top

I love staying at hotels.  The sheets are super soft, and you don’t have to make your own bed.  Since I don’t have to worry about messing it up, I always roll around a little extra on hotel beds, having a bit of fun on the soft mattress.  Of course there are plenty of ways to have fun on a new bed, and I didn’t leave any of them out.  Watch me come out of my pink top and white thong and christen my luxurious hotel bed.  These pictures are only a taste of how much fun I had.  I’m sure you’re curious, so go to Felicity Fey to see the rest.

Splish Splash

I love splashing around in the water, even if it’s just in the shower getting clean, or in my case, getting dirty.  Don’t you just love to watch the water run down over my body making me all shiny and wet.  The pulse from the shower head makes for an incredible massage, especially when I aim that pulsing spray right on my throbbing little clit.  Pretty soon, I’ll be on the floor of the shower moaning and whimpering.  See how much fun the shower can be?  I love getting dirty with a big hose.  If you want to see me get clean, then get dirty in the shower, go on over to Felicity Fey where I put the rest of these.

Black and White

Hi guys, it’s me again.  The photographer showed up early this morning, and I was still in my lounge clothes.  He loved the little black and white tank top and circus jester looking shorts I had on, so we just did pictures with those.  After all, I’m just going to take them off.  I hadn’t got to anything sexy in my dining room before either, so it was all new for me.  We christened the chairs in the dining room as stripped seductively, thinking of how much you guys would love my pretty tits.  Then we started testing the stability of my furniture, but those pictures are on Felicity Fey .  Go over and see how well my dining room furniture held up.

Bendable Girl

p>I took some new photos, and man, they came out great.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  My photographer wanted to see how flexible I can be.  I think I surprised him at how many cool positions I can get into.  I’m sure you have some great ideas for what I can do in those positions.  See how flexible I can get when you look at the whole gallery over at  Felicity Fey !

Pretty Mermaid

I think my photographer thought he found a mermaid when he caught me in a net dress in the pool!  The net doesn’t cover much, but in the pool, it was a lot of fun.  I knew there was more than one way to get wet for the camera.  I wonder what other things I could find to do in the pool.  Find out at Felicity Fey where you can see the whole thing.